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Moral Stories on the Art of Living That Lead You on a Path of Self Discovery

A young woman sat on the edge of the sidewalk. Cars were crossing by, but she didn’t notice any of them. Her head was hanging low, and tears were dripping into the small puddle of water left from that day’s heavy rainfall. Never in her life had she felt worse and more demotivated than right now.

A few months back the young woman began a new endeavor. She started her own business, and could now call herself a young entrepreneur. It was everything she ever dreamed of. Months had passed but she had not made any real income from it…

Tales on the Journey of Self-Development and Personal Discovery

‘Why won’t you come with me to the garden?’ His grandfather had asked him. He was visiting his grandparents with his sister for the weekend. They were drinking apple juice together. They had just finished a game of Rummikub.

‘Of course, I wanna come!’ The boy said excitingly. His sister joined in with his excitement.

‘Great! Let’s go then.’ Their grandfather said, smiling at his beautiful wife. They had been together for years. The time of raising their kids had passed, but now came the beautiful new adventure of spending time with their grandkids.

The time of raising their kids…

Growing Old With The Heart of a Child

Let me share with you a little story. One that will help you easily understand this.

One day a little girl and her father went out to play in the forest.

She had asked her father to come and play hide and seek with her. He didn’t want to come but didn’t want to disappoint his daughter.

When they arrived in the forest she noticed many beautiful flowers and plants and was mesmerized. She called her dad who was walking behind her.

When he stood next to her she said “Dad I don’t want to play hide and seek anymore…

Shouldn’t We Enjoy This Game We Call Life?

“Dad!” The little girl yelled. “Will come and play hide and seek with me?” She ran towards her dad and stopped right in front of him. Waiting for him to put down the paper. She didn’t get a response. “Dad?” She asked again.

“I don’t want to. Go on and find some friends to play with. Don’t you have any new friends around here?” Her dad said. They were on a holiday. Visiting the beautiful country of Italy. Although the girl had made loads of friends, all around the campsite, she now wanted to play with her dad.

The girl…

How Her Uncle Taught Her to Fall in Love With Her Life Again

The beach was completely crowded. Kids running around. A dog chasing a ball, with his tongue dropped from his mouth. People were sunbathing in the hot august sun as two boys were building a sandcastle on the shore.

The girl didn’t notice any of it. She was consumed by her own thoughts. Looking down at the sand as her feet trampled on it. She was clearly not feeling well.

‘What’s going on?’ Her uncle asked. They were at the beach with the entire family, her parents were far ahead unable to hear her talk. Which she liked. She didn’t look…

Tales of Self-Development, and Personal Discovery

Today I wanted to tell you a story about a student. A young man in college. Just like you and me once were, or still are. Not just a story of how we go through college, and the struggles we face. No, this one is about how we can learn to trust life. About the failures that will lead to success, the suffering that will lead to freedom, and the hardship that will lead to joy.

An Ice Cold Man

It was the boy’s first day in college. He was ready. He kissed his mom goodbye and then entered the building. He got to…

Revealing the Illusion I had About Living in the Present Moment

The monk sat in a lotus position. Looking out over the courtyard. His eyes were closed. He was trying to meditate, and be present. But the sounds of the courtyard, and the kids that came to visit the monastery annoyed him. He couldn’t be mindful of all this noise.

The monk got up and made his way to the master. The master was in the courtyard teaching the kids from a nearby town about meditation. The kids were attentively listening to the master. The monk waited for the class to be over and then stepped up to the master.


How to Embrace Vulnerability and See it as a Massive Strength

A full-grown tree is a very strong plant, you can’t just kick a tree over. It takes a lot of effort to do so.

But even a full-grown tree has flexible and vulnerable branches. If those branches would be as rock-solid as its base they would break from the slightest gushes of wind.

Even a full-grown tree has flexible and vulnerable branches.

Because they are flexible and vulnerable the branches move with the wind, allowing leaves to grow which is how a tree flourishes.

So you see a tree both has vulnerable and strong aspects, but they are balanced out…

Tales on the Journey of Self-Development and Personal Discovery

The sight of the mid-winter hills of England was spectacular. Their two easels were side by side. The master looked at the icicles hanging from the tree a few miles ahead. Dew stuck to his feet, which he barely felt. It was an ordinarily beautiful winter day.

A few hours went by as the master painter and his apprentice withstood the unbarring cold. Their brushes shook in their freezing hands, yet both had acquired such a level of precision that when the tip of the brush touched the canvas magic still happened.

‘I’m done.’ The apprentice said, and he stepped…

Agree to Disagree

I just don’t want to… I said.

Don’t be so naive. The world isn’t all rainbows and sunshine. You’ll waste your college degree if you do this. My dad answered.

I was almost at the end of college. Just a month or two and I would be graduating. It should have been a stressful, yet exciting period. To me, it felt different.

It was stressful, yet not exciting at all. For the past couple of years, I had been fighting with myself. …

Daan Uijterwaal

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