A ride back home

Photo by: ©MIPHAM

I stand still wait for the train to stop and stand still. I push the button with just a little force, making the doors open. The air pressure releasing sound indicating that the doors are slowly opening. Ones open I step out, put my feet on the pavement of the train station and you take a deep breath, sipping in all the air your lounges allow for. I look around, seeing everybody focussed on their own world. Listening to music and walking with a high pace towards the end of the station. All of them going home or to a place to stay the night.

It is dark, the only things that light my path are the lights evenly distributed from each other along the station. I walk slowly towards the end enjoying every breath I take, enjoying every thought and loving how my night has been. I feel my mind slowly loosing focus and going back to that night. Still feeling a little tipsy from the drink I had. At the end of the train station I take the stairs down towards my bicycle. Placing my feet one by one on the stones, trying to control my movement and focus on it as much as possible in order to not tip and fall.

Down the stairs I check out hear the bleep through my headphones which is playing ‘lost in paris’ from Tom Misch, which reminds me of every emotion I’ve had that night. The happy tones, that mesmerizing voice of Tom completely pulling me in to the moment. I see cycles passing by all quickly and in a hurry to get home, just so they can go to bed and sleep. I am still walking towards my bicycle which is all the way at the end of the row.

Ones next to my bicycle I pull out my keys, release the lock, pull it out of the stand and position it so I can hop on and go. But before I hop on I take a deep breath again, my mind fully focused on happy thoughts. I hop on and cycle away seeing the lights in the living rooms go out one by one. People going to bed and I am still out there going back home.

I think of my night again. My night with friends, thinking of the laughs we had. The good talks about school, love, friends and stalkers ;). Remembering those specific smiles, that are pure and loving. Seeing that beer emptying out by the minute, also noticing that I am a little bit tipsy because of drinking just two beers. But all of these nice moments also make my head spin. They make me think of everything I build up. The relationships that where build so quickly, the friendships that have become stronger more and more in just a view months.

Again noticing Tom Misch his voice and remembering the talk we had about music. About the emotions attached to music, the beautiful moments as well as the bad moments. Sharing everything with each other not holding back anything except one thing. A thing that is poking the mind, that is rough to the mind keeping it busy all night long. I missed my turn because of my mind wandering of. My mind again trying to figure out which path I need to take to get home.

I ride on till the moment I arrive home, getting my keys out again feeling the cold door handle against my fingers. Putting in the key into the keyhole and opening the gate. Pushing my bike up the little hill and placing it in the middle of the garden. Pulling my key out again and walking to my back door. Opening it stepping inside and closing it behind me. At that moment I breath in and realize that amazing night is over. That I enjoyed every single moment of it, feeling lost in time not ever ones feeling bored or awkward.

I turn around and take a deep breath again, feeling the hair on my arm raise. Goosebumps slowly forming all over my body, feeling completely satisfied in the moment and going to bed with a pleasant feeling, as well as a tough decision.

Rides home like this make me think of life. Make me think of friendship. Make me think of relationships build. Make me hold back things and make me a fortunate person to live this very life that I am living. All bad or stressful things fall into perspective and I stand there thinking of this very moment. My eyes getting heavier slowly closing and I fall asleep. Dreaming of everything I want my life to be and real life getting dang close to those dreams.

Photo by: ©MIPHAM

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