Are You Allowing The Universe To Enter You

Why You Aren’t Feeling Fully Alive

Daan Uijterwaal
8 min readMay 31, 2021


The way we connect with ourselves, with others, with the world, and with the Universe is through our heart center. Right in your chest, that’s where we feel and come to life. It’s often that we close our heart center, for multiple reasons. With an open heart, we are more vulnerable, and when we are hurt it hurts more than with a closed heart. Yet with a closed heart, we will never fully experience the beauty of life. We will never be able to fully indulge ourselves in love, in friendships, in family relationships, neither will we be fully indulged in the food we eat, the activities we do, the books we read, or the music we listen to. With a closed heart, we are blocking the Universe to enter us.

To get something out of the way, I want to be inclusive of this. I want to love every religion, and every type of person reading this. In this story, I am using the word Universe as the God entity, but please feel free to exchange that for yourself. The Universe is the word I use to encompass life, a Christian God, a Muslim Allah, but also Christ, the Buddha, and Krishna, or if you are atheist it’s life itself. They all walk hand in hand, they are one higher power and the word we attach to that higher power should be the one that aligns with us the most. All higher powers speak of the same thing. That is to live with an open heart, because through the heart is where they communicate with us, and we can allow them to speak through us.

A Block Heart

There are many ways we block our hearts. Many ways that, deprive us of the beautiful life we are living. Everything that hurts us can be a reason to close our hearts. Things like breakups, losing a loved one, holding resentment against someone, or ignoring something you are feeling. All these hurt us emotionally and often physically as well, and they often are born from ignorance.

If we are ignorant of let’s say heartbreaks and we push it away, or start to hold resentment against your ex, we are closing our hearts. Not just to that one person, or for the feeling of heartbreak, but to all of life. If we start to hold resentment for our ex in this case, we think we are only blocking them out of our lives, but what happens along the way is that we start to close off from all the other beautiful things that are happening around us. It could get so bad that we become bitter, and angry all the time.

I’ve seen this happen to some people, and I feel sorry for them. It’s okay to feel the pain of a heartbreak, it’s okay to feel the pain of anything you are going through. It’s just not worth it to close your heart for it. It’s not worth it to block your inherent human emotions, to become angry, resentful, hateful, or even bitter. If you feel this way, if you feel that you are becoming ignorant in some form because of a closed heart, please read on. Because there is a beautiful life waiting for you. You’ll need to reconnect with yourself, with the Universe, and those around you.

A blocked heart might feel like the easiest way to deal with the pain that life sometimes causes us. In the long run, this will only hurt you, and deprive you of more beauty. Your heart is the center for all of your emotions, therefore if you close it for the feelings of pain, suffering, heartbreak, or anger you also close it for the intense feelings of love, joy, excitement, enthusiasm, or gratitude which will change your life for the better.

Opening Up To The Universe

Let’s open your heart, let’s open up to the Universe flowing through you. I don’t know what experiences you’ve gone through, and which ones have caused you to close your heart. All I know is that it’s okay you did this. You survived, you pushed through, you have managed the turmoil of hard times. Now is the time for you to stop surviving and start thriving.

Opening up to the Universe is like opening yourself up to the warm embrace of the sun again. To feel the sun warm you from the inside we first need to clear out the clouds within our hearts. The clouds of ignorance, and pain. The only way to do that is to notice them. To feel them. The clouds that are blocking your heart are clouds of pain that you didn’t want to feel along the path of your life.

It could be that you blocked your heart years back after you lost a loved one, or after having to deal with the feeling of failure when you didn’t graduate the first time. Those are painful events, that we didn’t know yet how to handle. Because we didn’t know what to do, or how to manage these internal situations, we closed off our hearts. So we didn’t have to feel it. It’s the only way we ever learned to go through these painful moments.

Now you are wiser, stronger, more compassionate. You are no longer a kid that needs support from adults. You are an adult yourself now, and that means you have become strong enough, and loving enough to support yourself. Now is the time to feel those painful moments. Now is the time to confront the memories and emotions that have caused your heart to close. You are not alone in this. I am moving through this often as well.

There can be many events throughout our short life that cause our hearts to close, and often we don’t even know all of them yet. It takes time, and patience to move through them one by one. The feeling of never being enough has caused a lot of anger and pain within me, which I never knew how to handle. I never knew that I was strong enough to be present with these emotions and do nothing to get rid of them. As we grow older we learn this quality of ourselves. That we are strong enough to be with the pain we feel and do nothing to change it.

Our bodies and hearts are intelligent enough to heal and transcend past this pain without our mind interfering. Opening ourselves up to life again is as concise as feeling the pain, and emotions that cause us to feel uncomfortable and stressed. It’s feelings like hate, anger, resentment, but also sadness, loss, betrayal, and loneliness that are the cause of a closed heart. By feeling them you start to open up to all of life again. By feeling, and experiencing them now we send out this message to ourselves and the Universe. That we are ready to feel alive again, that we have begun that process of feeling alive by starting to feel the pain that has been stored within us all this time.

You will see that if you deliberately feel and experience the pain without trying to get rid of it, without trying to change it, that it will flow away naturally. Depending on your level of self-awareness, focus, and rootedness in the pain, you will move through it on your own time. If you are untrained in meditation the pain will be there longer, the same goes for pain stored in our bodies from deeply rooted traumas or life-threatening events we went through as kids. These have had such a big impact on our lives, and we have pushed them away, stored them within our bodies for so long, that they need time and attention to be healed.

To start feeling alive, we first need to feel what has caused us to stop feeling alive.

Just remember, that you are strong enough, that you — by feeling your emotions — are teaming up with the Universe. You will start to feel a lot more confidence and inner strength rising from that. To start feeling alive, we first need to feel what has caused us to stop feeling alive. That process will naturally lead us to a place of love, excitement, and joy in our lives. And from there we will see the beauty of life again.

The Beauty of an Open Heart

We are all meant to be alive, to feel joy and excitement to get up every day. There will always be moments in our lives that are painful, but by learning how to feel we will easily allow these painful moments to flow on. We are only a visiting place for these painful emotions, and emotions of joy. We decide how long these emotions will visit us. We are only a place they come, and maybe sleep and rest for a bit, before they move on again, and we return to a calm and peaceful state of being.

That place, that visiting place is our hearts, and if our hearts are closed that means the door to this visiting place is closed, and the feelings and emotions that are stuck in that visiting place will tear it down. By opening our hearts, we open the door to this place, and the painful emotions go out through the back door. Creating room for joy, gratitude, excitement, and many other amazing experiences to come and stay with you for however long they like to stay. The amazing thing is, these joyful feelings are peaceful, calm, they have to hurry to get anywhere, and they will stay with us for long periods. On the other hand, the painful emotions are stressed, anxious, hurried, and want to quickly move on. If we learn to see that, we will never want to close our hearts again, because that means the painful emotions that caused it to close our hearts are stuck in there.

Open up your heart to the Universe, allow it to enter you. To speak to you, to fill you with joy and love. An open heart will show you the beauty that is all around us. With an open heart, you will see that relationships in your life start to flourish, and you will start to enjoy life more. With an open heart, you will be able to end your day, and say with a heart filled with fulfillment and love, that Today I Lived! I made the most of it.

Thanks for reading, I hope you will open your heart. I hope you will feel the love that I poured into this article, and that it will have inspired you to open up your heart and allow the Universe to fill you with a level of love you’ve not yet experienced. If you love this content be sure to check out my Instagram @today.i.lived or subscribe to the weekly newsletter called Rise With The Sun where I each Sunday share three thoughts on the beauty of living. In these thoughts, I will appreciate and highlight three beautiful things about ourselves, others, the world, and society. So that you can start your week full of joy, appreciation, and excitement. So that you will be able to say, at the end of your day. Today I Lived! I made the most of it. Hope to speak to you in the next one.



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