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You see this little fellow over here? That little dude or girl I don’t want to offend anyone. But let me say that it is a ‘he’. He is waiting for his moment to strike and kill. Spread his wings go up in the air strike with force and power and then feast on his freshly caught meal. He needs to do that because killing means food. And food means another day of living his life.

Now let me get to the point. I want to address this thing because it is all we see on the news. This bird is killing because he needs to eat in order to survive. But does he kill its own species? No, he doesn’t he kill a different species, a species that is breed with way more at a time. That way they both won’t extinct. But what we do and I ain’t talking about us as in a general, but I actually talk about the people that lead ‘us’. Kill like it is a game, a sport in which the one with the most real life kills wins. If one of your friends kills a hundred people you need to stop him. Let him know that they are not even close to beating you. And you strike back, killing 500 people, which will result in the other person trying to kill even more people. Can you guess the result, don’t you?

Now that is in a game, you kill just because that’s the goal of the game. But now let’s take a look at what is happening around us. You see it all over the news. People that get hurt by the people that should lead them like a real leader should. But instead, that leader kills the children of his own people. On which we ‘civilized’ people react with ‘fire and fury’. We spread the wings of missiles, shooting them up in the sky and letting them strike like lighting. Killing even more people than that the ‘opponent’ (if I might speak of an opponent) does. And what do we show the world? We show that we have more power that we should not be afraid of these cruel monsters that kill their own people.

That’s the point I don’t get. I don’t get it that we say that someone killing people from his own country is different from someone from America killing people in Siria? That’s weird, isn’t it? We might look different but we all have a heart, a pair of lungs, feet, hands, a brain, fingers, toes, arms, we all have a body that is called a ‘human body’. But still we feel different and because we feel different it is okay to kill the ones that are ‘bad’ in the eyes of the bigger collective. I just don’t get it. Don’t get me wrong it is wrong to kill your own people but it is even more wrong to show strength by killing even more people. And I believe that the world we live in shows this in the wrong perspective.

I think that instead of spreading those missile wings we should spread our wings of love. The ones that lift a big heart up in the air that will strike as lightning warming every heart it hits. Showing that the ‘civilized world’ is not a cruel world but a loving world. That will show the young people that there is no reason to fight back. Because fighting someone that loves you and smiles at you feels weird right?

Fighting with lives of real people should not be a game. Killing should not be a game of force. Force and strength are shown to people by opening up, showing your deepest weaknesses. Making yourself vulnerable and relatable. So to those who lead us as a collective, we want you to be true, be open, cry, show love, show failure and stop acting like you are the most powerful one of the group. Isn’t that why the whole world loves the big leaders like, Nelson Mandela, Martin Luther King, Gandhi, etc. They didn’t fight back, they showed their weaknesses. Healed the ones that were wounded even if they just hit you in the face. They stopped the ones that wanted to fight for them. They took a bullet for us as a collective. Those are the leaders that we need more than ever.

A leader that is loving, true, vulnerable, kind, careful, peaceful, forgiving and most of all a real human with flaws and failures. Your still not agreeing with me? You still feel like we the ‘Americans and Europeans’ are doing the right thing to kill people that are human just like us? I will give you one more example I hope we all have had ones.

As kids, we all have been in a fight before. Our habit of fighting back is stronger than the brain can withstand. So instead of walking away, we fight back. Just so we don’t get hit in the face again. Then the teachers step in pulling you both apart. You are both getting punished and you are learned to say ‘I am sorry’. Then you give each other a hand and go on playing together. This habit of forgiving grows and grows and is supported by everybody around you. You get older and wiser forgiving those who did bad things to you. Now remind that one put in the back of your head and now again look at this world.

The people that should be most of all grown up, the leaders of our countries are they willing to forgive? To give each other a hand and go on playing together? No, they don’t right? Because they are still those kids they need to learn, that need to be pulled apart by a teacher. Someone that is calm, relaxed and loving full, not showing any prejudgements, or feeling the need to fight back with force. That is a leader we need right now. A force of love, smiles, and nonviolence. Is their anybody reading this feeling like he or she is the one? Think about it for a minute?

Yeah, you think you can do this? You’re wrong in this world there is not one single hero, we as a community are the heroes. We should stand tall and tell those leaders their fight is over. Not doing this with force but with a gentle hand slightly moving them back talking calmly to them.

Telling them that ‘killing is not a game of force’. It is a game of losers, that want to be the bad boy but eventually feel left out because the others feel connected in numbers and connected with love and not hate. Please don’t go and go and tell those in your surrounding to be peacefull just start with yourself. Stop fighting yourself and just say to someone that you love them. Then they will eventually do this to someone else as well, resulting in a floodwave of love.

Photo by: ©Ge Driessen

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